VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan

  • No down payment requirement
  • No monthly MIP or guarantee fee
  • Great interest rates
  • VA loans are assumable by other VA eligible borrowers
  • 100% Loan to Value on a Purchase
  • Seller Contributions up to 4%

The VA Home Loan is only available to veterans and current service members. The VA program allows for home financing with zero down payment requirements. Also, since there is no monthly MIP or monthly guarantee fee, VA mortgages often have the lowest monthly payments available.

Unlike other government sponsored programs, there is no income restrictions or maximum loan amount restrictions. The maximum loan amount is the same as the conventional conforming home loans for Nebraska, $417,000.

It is important to plan ahead when wanting to utilize your VA eligibility. The first step is to make sure your eligibility is available. Contact one of our licensed mortgage professionals and they will be glad to walk you through the process and obtain all the required documentation.

The typical VA fee is 2%.


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